IAOC – English

The Israeli chapter of the AOC (IAOC) was founded officially in February 1996 by Dr Abner Ephrath, after consulting with a former AOC president – Mr. Craig Johnson in the national conference in 1994 (Washington, DC). The chapter’s charter was presented to the membership by Mr. Paul J. Westcott, then VP of the AOC, on Aug. 8, 1996.

The main objectives of the Israeli chapter are:

• To represent the subject of EW and information warfare to government agencies and authorities, both in Israel and abroad.

• To create an EW community in the MOD, IDF, academia and defense industries, and to increase awareness of the background and history of the issues.

• To engage in and participate in the development of theories and methods of control, theories and methods for improving information warfare technology.

• To cultivate relations of friendship and respect between professionals and to strengthen the connection to the human and cultural values underlying the profession.

• Maintain the branch's website, www.iaoc.org.il.

• Maintain contact with the AOC

• To do all kinds of other activities that have a connection or that can assist in achieving the above goals or some of them.

The branch is a non-profit institution. All the surplus money gained as a result of its activities, if any, will be used solely for the promotion of his purposes, and will in no way be distributed among his members.

IAOC Executive Board

• Dr. Chaim Schwartz- chapter president

• Mr. Shuki Yehuda – former president

• Dr. Nissan Maskil – former president

• Dr. Nitzan Barkay

• Mr. Assa Beitler

• Mr. Yariv Gafni - Col (R)

• Dr. Chaim Schwartz

• Mr. Joram Sender

• Mr. Ohad Abilea

• Dr. Abner Ephrath – founding president and honorary member